Large Linocut Commission

Carolyn Murphy is now working on her first printmaking commission, for Macmillan. It’s going to be a large linocut to go on the wall of the new extension to the Macmillan Support Centre at Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital.

The large linocut is being prepared in time for the opening of the Centre’s new extension this Spring.

In preparing for this project, Carolyn has been developing a prototype design to resolve many of the technical challenges. She plans to share the progress of her A1 sized linocut via her blog. To follow this, please check out:

The image will be created by cutting and printing an A1 piece of lino in stages. It will pass through the press 5 times to build up colours, as well as incorporating spot colours applied by hand.

The linocut design will show hot air balloons over a landscape. The final image will incorporate learning from the prototype stage.

The huge linocut will be created by Carolyn, working at home and at Hot Bed Press in Salford.

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