Exhibitions, print fairs & more

2016 – I’ll be taking part in this year’s 20:20 print exchange. And my work will be at the Manchester Print Fair in Manchester Cathedral on July 15-16. My Barn Owl Print is featured in a new book called ‘The Elegant Fowl’.

2015 – I took part in the 20:20 print exchange. In February I exhibited at The Old Parsonage in Didsbury as part of the very successful ‘Spectrum’ show with Anne Mackinnon, Malcolm Allum and Janet Higgins.

2014 – I exhibited at Bury Art Gallery as part of ‘Prospect Prints’ until February and took part in the 2014 20:20 Print Exchange organised by Hot Bed Press, along with over 500 artists from more than 40 print workshops across the British Isles. Current and previous year collections are online at http://www.flickr.com/photos/hot_bed_press and the exhibition toured the UK, including my prints ‘Riviera’ and ‘Chaos’.

2013 -In 2013 I have had 2 pieces of work in Stockport Art Gallery’s Open Contemporary Exhibition in July / August: Hideaway and Bridgewater Canal. 5 pieces of my work were shown at the An Talla Solais gallery in Ullapool in Scotland  in March / April as part of their ‘Lasting Impressions’ exhibition of contemporary printmaking. I also took part in the 2013 20:20 Print Exchange and ‘Prospect Prints’ exhibition at Bury Art Gallery from from November.

2012 – 2 pieces of my work were shown at Stockport Art Gallery as part of the Open Contemporary exhibition. I also took part in the 20:20 print exchange touring exhibition.

2011 – 20:20 print exchange alongside 230 other UK printmakers for 19 UK and Irish print workshops. I took part in the Didsbury Arts Festival in September, including Craft Café at the Northern Tennis Club and ‘Art over the Counter’ with work in the window of Didsbury’s fantastic Cheese Hamlet, along with fellow artist Cathy Ferns.   I had my ‘Scottish Sheep’ linocut print accepted into the Stockport Art Gallery Open Contemporary exhibition.