New member of the Printmakers Council

Carolyn Murphy is now a member of the Printmakers Council. Carolyn joined in August this year after following some of the zoom talks by artist members on the organisation’s website. “I really enjoyed watching the member talks on the website, during recent lockdowns. I also got the chance to see the ‘Natural World’ online exhibition of members’ work. These inspired me to join,” explained Carolyn. “I am planning to balance my time between London and Manchester, over the next few years, so I hope to be able to visit future London shows in person and contribute fully to the Printmakers Council in time.”

The organisation formed in 1965 to promote new developments within printmaking and it has consistently promoted the place of printmaking in the visual arts since then. The organisation is artist-run and non-profit-making. In recent years, the Printmakers Council has organised exhibitions in London, across the UK as well as internationally.

‘Singing Ringing Tree II’, linocut, by Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn is excited to be a new member of the organisation and plans to contribute work for selection to future exhibitions. You can check out her profile page here. Her linocut ‘Singing Ringing Tree II’ was accepted into the Printmakers Council Archive at Scarborough Museums Trust. The archive dates from 1992.

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