Postcard for Twitter Art Exhibit 2022

Carolyn Murphy is donating a postcard-sized original artwork to this year’s Twitter Art Exhibit in York. A regular contributor to TAE, Carolyn created an etching for the 2022 charity art sale. ‘Staying local’ is hand-coloured with watercolours and it’s based on a sketch she made during the lockdowns last year. The work shows a scene on her doorstep and holds onto the small patches of nature in the urban environment.

‘Staying local’, an original etching by Carolyn Murphy

‘Staying local’ and over a thousand other artworks will go on sale at the charity art sale on Saturday 25 June, and online, in aid of the Encephalitis Society. To find out more about Twitter Art Exhibit, check out them out on Twitter @twitartexhibit or via the Twitter Art Exhibit website. This year, Carolyn has contributed blog posts as one of the volunteer official Twitter Art Exhibit bloggers. You can see posts from Carolyn and others here.

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