Showing at Bankside Gallery

Carolyn Murphy is showing work at Bankside Gallery in London as part the Printmakers Council’s exhibition, ‘Thinking for Printing‘. A year earlier, members received an A5 sketchbook and were invited to capture, record and respond to the concept of Thinking for Printing, for a future exhibition. As part of this exciting project, the Printmakers Council selected finished artworks to display alongside the sketchbooks, in order to give a fantastic insight into artists’ ways of working. The sketchbooks were a chance to peek inside each artists’ mind to understand more about their processes and development of ideas.

Detail from ‘Spaces we share’

Carolyn explored dry stone walling primarily in her sketchbook. She recorded experiments to add embossing to etchings and tested colours. She captured examples of rubs, which emphasised depth in the print. Her messy sketchbook sat alongside ‘Spaces we share’, an etching with embellishment, on this prestigious wall.

Works on display in Bankside Gallery
Carolyn’s sketchbook – dry stone wall study

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 31 January 2023 and runs until Sunday 5 February.

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