Exhibiting as part of the Bloomsbury Festival

Artist and printmaker Carolyn Murphy will exhibit her work as part of the Bloomsbury Festival 2023. “I am delighted to have been shortlisted and offered the opportunity to exhibit at Holborn Library in October. It’s a wonderful Festival and a great chance to share my work with new audiences, ” she explained.

Carolyn Murphy at the Bloomsbury Festival Programme launch event

The Festival programme has just been launched and includes ‘Reclaiming’, a panel montage, created by Carolyn using traditional printmaking techniques. It reflects on nature’s power to reclaim, with additional artworks also on show, that explore habitats and the fragility of the world we share.

Bloomsbury Festival 2023 Programme

Bloomsbury Festival celebrates contemporary Bloomsbury; a hotbed of creativity and
pioneering development which has one of the youngest and most diverse populations
in the country. For hundreds of years, Bloomsbury has been a catalyst for ideas that
have had impact across the world – and never more so than now.

Scientists, emerging artists and progressive thinkers work side by side with residents
from a wide range of backgrounds. The festival acts as a catalyst for artistic and
audience development. Through its work with hundreds of local partners, Bloomsbury Festival amplifies cultural development and engagement in the community and provides opportunities
for practitioners of all genres to enrich their creative practice.

The Bloomsbury Festival 2023 theme GROW is inspired by a fantastic range of new
relationships and creativity, all of which celebrate growth and share the life, arts,
culture and learning to be found in Bloomsbury 2023.

The 2023 theme GROW has a direct relationship to the talent development
opportunities of the Bloomsbury Festival as well as its wide and varied programme of
music, theatre, art, walks and talks, all of which reflect interpretations of the theme, or
a cultural reimagining of Bloomsbury in the 21st century.

‘Reclaiming’ by Carolyn Murphy is brought to you as part of Bloomsbury Festival 2023 and will be at the Holborn Library from Saturday 14 to Saturday 21 October; open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 11am to 4pm (closed Sundays). This is a free exhibition, so you can just turn up! For more information on the full festival programme, please check out the Bloomsbury Festival website.

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