‘Present Continuous’ exhibition opens

Middlesex University MA exhibition ‘Present Continuous’ opens at the Hendon campus on Thursday 7 September.

Artists in this show are:

  • Wallis Asher
  • Julien Ipanga
  • Bibi Masooma
  • Carolyn Murphy
  • Melisa Novotna
  • Iliana Ortega-Alcázar
  • Jostna Reddy
  • Abhishek Shakya

This exhibition allows artists to show their work in larger spaces and explore new opportunities for display, as part of their postgraduate studies in MA Fine Art / MA Fine Art Printmaking.

Carolyn Murphy showed 3 works:

‘A World We Share?’ is an etching with a repeat pattern. It is embossed to create texture and embellished by hand, with watercolour and Indian ink. Over 7 square metres in size, it floats across three walls.

‘A World We Share?’ by Carolyn Murphy

‘No Stone Unturned’ is an installation made of hand-printed, 3D folded structures suggesting stone and lichens. In six designs, this growing collection uses no glue and will morph and balance, presented in tall precarious towers in this exhibition.

Close-up view of ‘No Stone Unturned’

‘Winter Hill’ is a series of one-off prints, creating a disrupted panoramic landscape. It combines oil-based inks and watercolour monotype techniques with added collage, chine collée and burnt sections.

‘Winter Hill’ by Carolyn Murphy

The exhibition runs from 7 to 13 September 2023 in the Grove Building.

Following the show, a few images of the exhibition and opening are added below:

Opening night of Present Continuous

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