Member of Fankle Art Collective

Carolyn Murphy is a member of Fankle, a newly formed art collective of emerging artists from across the UK. Members work independently across multiple disciplines and come together to exhibit. A complex web of ideas and a shared love of creating unites their practices. The name ‘Fankle’ is Scottish in origin. It means entanglement, like threads where the beginnings and ends are uncertain.

Fankle logo designed by Moritz Nicolai

Fankle will hold its first exhibition ‘Fankle 01’ at Coningsby Gallery in Central London in July 2023. This marks an exciting step for the new collective. Artists will show recently produced contemporary work, across painting, sculpture, printmaking, video and installation.

All members of the group have connections to Middlesex University, as former or current students on the MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking programmes. Their threads stretch far beyond London – to Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Munich, Baghdad, Tehran and Mexico City.

Fankle art collective members are Wallis Asher, Maryam Abdollahi, Natalie Dee, Phil Dunn, Angela Forrester, Freddy McBride, Carolyn Murphy, Moritz Nicolai, Iliana Ortega-Alcázar, Jan Pimblett, Hanan Tawfiq and Kathy Rooney.

Katherine Jones RA commented “I’m delighted that this group of dedicated artists have decided to continue their association with one another beyond their studies by forming Fankle. I very much look forward to experiencing Fankle 01 at the Coningsby Gallery.” 

Full details of the exhibition can be found here. Please follow Fankle via our Instagram page.

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