Fankle 01 exhibition at Coningsby Gallery

The ‘Fankle 01’ exhibition opens in July at Coningsby Gallery in London. Fankle is a new art collective, of emerging artists from across the UK, who work independently and come together to exhibit. A complex web of ideas and a shared love of creating unites their practices.

As they weave stories from memory, experience and mythology, tangling and untangling, we’re reminded of the idea that a world of life is woven from knots. The name ‘Fankle’ is Scottish in origin and means entanglement, like threads where the beginnings and ends are uncertain.

Fankle 01 is the first exhibition in Central London to bring together these artists as a group. Artists will show recently produced contemporary work, across painting, sculpture, printmaking, video and installation. Fankle 01 reflects the start of a new journey, with themes of identity, fragility and transition.

Carolyn Murphy will be exhibiting new monotypes from the series ‘Revisiting New Quay’ which relate to her memories of a visit to the Welsh fishing village. She created the prints for a recent video essay project.

‘Revisiting New Quay I’ by Carolyn Murphy

Members of the group are connected by their links to Middlesex University, as former or current students on the MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking programmes. Their threads stretch far beyond London – to Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Munich, Baghdad, Tehran and Mexico City.

Their first exhibition provides an opportunity for reflection on community, hope and times of change. Fankle 01 opens on Monday 10 July and runs until Saturday 15 July, with the private view, on Monday 10 July at 6pm.  This show includes work by Fankle art collective members: 

  • Maryam Abdollahi 
  • Natalie Dee 
  • Phil Dunn 
  • Angela Forrester 
  • Freddy McBride 
  • Carolyn Murphy
  • Moritz Nicolai 
  • Iliana Ortega-Alcázar  
  • Jan Pimblett 
  • Hanan Tawfiq 
  • Kathy Rooney 
  • Luke Anthony Rooney (guest artist)

Katherine Jones RA commented “I’m delighted that this group of dedicated artists have decided to continue their association with one another beyond their studies by forming Fankle. I have been impressed by their respectful coordination of group exhibitions both onsite and independently while at Middlesex University. Their unique balance of disciplines, materials and outlooks will serve them well. I very much look forward to experiencing Fankle 01 at the Coningsby Gallery.” 

See website for opening times and further information.

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