My Work on your Wall

Last year, I put a call out for any images of my work out there in the world, on the wall. I’m delighted to have received some great photos – from across the UK, and places as far afield as Spain and Australia.

At home I only have one of my own linocuts on the wall, so I included this image here, to kick things off. It was my first 20:20 print exchange edition ‘Distant Pebbles’ and is an imagined scene showing me, as a very young girl, on one of my favourite beaches on the dramatic Glamorgan heritage coast.

Here are a few of the fabulous images I’ve received so far:

Image showing Carolyn Murphy's framed work on walls

I have compiled some of these photos to give you an idea of what my work looks like in situ, framed and loved in its new home.

If you have photos of my work on your wall, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and include your photo at the next update to this page. I often wonder where work sold through exhibitions and galleries, my Twitter Art Exhibition postcards and 20:20 editions have ended up too, so it would be great to know more.

Image of work by Carolyn Murphy framed on the wall

Image of framed work by Carolyn Murphy on the wall

I have lots of other artists’ beautiful works on my walls at home and these inspire and uplift me. My own small collection includes original linocuts and etchings (of course), as well as a few oil paintings and beautiful piece of textile art.

These give me joy every day and I hope my work is doing the same for you – whether that’s in the office, like some of these images, or in your home. Thanks you to everyone who has shared these pictures – and please contact me to add to this page!