Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most common FAQs on my work and on printmaking terms and techniques in general. Please contact me if you have questions about my work which are not covered on this FAQs page.

What is a linocut / woodcut print?

A linocut / woodcut print is an original image created by a traditional printmaking technique where the lino or wood block surface is cut into, to create a design. Tools or ‘gouges’ are used to remove areas of the surface, so that only the raised, uncut surface will print when the block is rolled with ink and pressed onto paper or fabric. Prints are the mirror-image of the block design and blocks can be inked multiple times and pressed by hand or with a printing press to create the final image.

Linocut printing is one of the most common printmaking techniques taught in schools, so you may already have experience of it.

What does ‘limited edition’ mean?

A limited edition means that only a fixed number of similar original images will be made by the printmaker. A limited edition of 50 (shown on the image as, for example 4/50 alongside the name of the print and the artist’s signature) means that a maximum of 50 images are produced by the printmaker. Other editions may be available in different colours – or on different papers. Once all 50 images have sold, no further images will be created and the edition is complete.

Owing to the nature of the process of printmaking, and that each individual image is handmade by the printmaker, there can be very small variations between each original print.

What does “v/e” mean?

“V/E” stands for “variable edition”. It is sometimes written next to the edition number to reflect the fact that the edition intentionally varies, for example uses different paper or has different elements, such as different coloured backgrounds.

What materials do you use?

My linocut prints are made using linoleum or vinyl sheet. Woodcuts are made using Japanese side-grain blocks or Japanese plywood.

I use oil-based inks, unless stated otherwise. Water-based inks can be more practical for home use or for demonstrations.

Papers vary and details are specified under each original print. My hand-made bookmarks and tags are printed on 300g Snowdon cartridge paper.

Framed original prints are mounted and backed using acid-free materials and are professionally framed in a limited number of frame options (such as black and light wood).

Can I buy your work?

Please contact me if you are interested in a framed print. My work is for sale via my online SHOP and prices are shown for unframed work. Prices start from £25 for a small unframed print.

Can I buy a greetings card?

All my cards are for sale via the ‘Love From The Artist’ website. I have a small selection of linocuts at present. They can be bought individually and personalised with text and images inside, if you would like to add these. They are blank inside otherwise. All are digitally printed, recyclable and use paper from sustainable sources.

What does a ‘reduction linocut / woodcut’ mean?

A reduction linocut / woodcut is a print created by a multiple colour printmaking technique developed by Pablo Picasso. Instead of using separate blocks to print each colour to build up the image, just one block is used. After printing the required number of the first colour, the block is cleaned and cut away further. If, for example, the print is to be created in 3 colours, after each colour is printed, the block is cut further to cut away areas where the next colour is not wanted –  so that the last colour is retained within the design.

Using the reduction technique edition numbers are often smaller. Further quantities cannot be made as the block is destroyed as part of the printmaking process.

Can I use images on this site?

All images are copyright of Carolyn Murphy and should not be used without permission.

Images on the website are low resolution in order for file sizes to be small and for website pages to open quickly. They are not print quality images. If you would like to use any images, please seek permission. If you require high resolution print quality images, for media or other purposes, please contact me directly.

How can I learn more about printmaking?

If you are interested in taking up printmaking there are active printmaking workshops across the UK, running regular courses in a range of printmaking techniques. I am a member of Hot Bed Press, based in Salford, close to the centre of Manchester in the North West of the UK. You can click on Hot Bed Press to reach their website homepage. On their Links page you will find details of the network of print workshops in the UK.

What is your Privacy Policy?

If you choose to join my mailing list your email address will only be used as specified – to provide information on forthcoming exhibitions, events and other news. Your email details will not be provided to any third parties.

Any information you provide to purchase a print is kept secure and used only for the process of providing you with good service. You can purchase my work online using Paypal. My customer data is not passed on to any third parties.